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Some say the Mona Lisa is the most beautiful painting in the world.

Divine Tao / New Thought Tao

Way back at the onset of the New Millennium, the author met Rev. Dr. Suzanne Freeborne who was pioneering online studies in New Thought through which was being promoted through the New Thought Community Directory system, ie.,

Suzanne knew that Avalon had a keen interest in Eastern Religions due to his ongoing work in the field of Comparative Religion. During his Fulbright, Avalon gained additional training in Buddhism and Taoism while exploring Central European Celtic Heritage in between projects with George Tabori and Film work. Trips throughout Central Europe along with the works of Marija Gimbutas and Joseph Campbell supported Avalon's deepening understanding of the importance of Hallstatt Culture to the overall development of European Culture. "The Northern European emphasis on Human Rights descends from the ancient Celtic Codes of Conduct and Ways of Living.". This Ur-Celtic Culture was composed of a variety of European Tribes, but the most signifcant settlers of Central Europe were the Slavic Celts. During this period, Celtic Culture flourished throughout Europe. At the time the Celts founded Milan, the amazing hydo-technology of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon was being created; the Persian religion of Zarathustra was established in Iran; Buddhism blossomed in India and China brought forth Confucious and Lao Tzu.

Their deep discussions about this time period prompted Suzanne to ask Avalon to join a post graduate class on Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching. Participants were required to meditate upon at least 3 translations of each Tao or Te poem, writing their insights into each poem, then make a weekly presentation in an online round table discussion.

Being aware of Avalon's work as a script doctor and ghost writer, Freeborne inspired him to create the DivineTao to be used as the basis of today's online course. Avalon used a minimum of 8 translations of the Tao to create the initial poems in English.

Initially a number of the poems were not placed on the public website. They were distributed only to students in the course, along with course material. Then another key inspirant Rev. Dr. Vanessa "Bodhi" Ramsden felt that all the poems should be online for everyone to read. Bodhi consulted with Rev. Dr. Spottiswoode who was teaching the online course at the time to persuade Dr. Avalon to include the additional poems on the website as well as certain class materials.

In the words of the author:

"Bodhi is a great believer in the power of chocolate. One day I went to the post and found a package of the finest English and European chocolate. It was a reminder of the love and kindness that sustains. I am not sure I would have completed the rewrites without Bodhi's immense kindness including her chocolate inspiration. I was longing to return to Vienna because of a relationship with Renate T. but my father was dying and I was needed. Years later I found letters that had been written to me by Renate. They had all been tossed into an old Chinese vase in the living room. I suppose someone in my family didn't want me to go back to Europe at that time...

This work is dedicated to Vanessa Ramsden and Suzanne Freeborne, these two souls inspired me to manifest, complete this work and turn it into the online course that so many love."

~ Avalon

The current site has been upgraded in response to the requests from students and others who desired a book be created on the basis of the materials presented in this course over the past 10 years. One of the students who ardently desired to support this process is Rev. Jacqui in Auckland. Having worked on the development of a book process to support NewThought.NET/work participants to publish books through, and Amazon, Jacqui and a few others are presently supporting the creation of the book for this course with formatting and other important publishing work.

Since the time this work was first created in 2003, loads of new material has been added to the class folders, but not to the public website. In addition to the need to update the website to add more material for public gazing, grazing and sharing. Smart phones now account for a large amount of web traffic. We have had a lot of requests from students who want to enroll in the course and take classes using their phones. This new website enfolds new technology to support those users. The book will provide an additional resource that so many have requested. Thank you for your ongoing encouragement. ~ Avalon de Rossett

  • Divine Tao helps us to see how New Thought is emerging as the spiritual path / religion of the New Millennium. I have met some amazing New Thought Buddhists and New Thought Taoists who demonstrate clearly that New Thought is an international movement. I have used this in my Sunday talks. ~ Rev. David S..
  • I had almost given up on New Thought perhaps because all I was encountering online were sites flogging prosperity systems for a price. I was visiting New Thought Communities here in the greater San Diego area, finding a lot of Hockum and a notable lack of compassion. I walked into a center, I now call the Shallow Center. I was ready to quit New Thought altogether, but later I went to their website and came upon a link that led me to Reading the New Thought Tao changed my life. I took the course and I have been surrounded by loving and compassionate people ever since. I am of course forever grateful to the Shallow as it helped me find the deep. ... ~ Dawn S.
  • Here in Brasil we have a lot of New Thought and a lot of New Age, I spent time at Siecho No Ie, then found a small website about Novo Pensamento in Sao Paulo. That community was no longer meeting but I follow links to DivineTao. Find someone through Skype and take the Divine Tao course. It opened my eyes. New Thought isn't just about old Unity books or expensive seminars. Novo New Thought. This is it.~ Angelo T.
  • New Thought Tao teaches us to begin within. Everything starts with being, From that being, comes doing. From our DivineUnity we manifest our best. I am glad I took the journey and found Avalon. Avalon wasn't an island. Avalon is a person I am connected to, Avalon is a person who awakens the best in me and all who truly listen to the whispers within ... . ~ Sonja M.
  • What can I say? About this work, about the man who manifested this work. It is a great work. I am happy to read it and happy to teach the course ... ~ Rev. Dr. Spottiswoode
  • The Tao of Life, the gap and the emotions in between, the understanding of the moment, the blessings of being aware of the moment, the sacred place of silence, the power in the mind, the Divine Order of the Divine Tao. The connection with nature and the respect for life. In the ancient tales of King Arthur, people would have to believe in order to find their way to Avalon. I believed and I found the New Thought Tao. I laughed a deep laugh and took the course. I have been smiling ever since ... Rev. Jacqui B.
  • I felt this inside me. Then I found it online. I read it several times. Then I reached out. I took the course with Doc Spot. I spoke with Avalon after Doc passed. I love the work. I miss my teacher. I thank Avalon for writing this and creating the course and I will be eternally grateful to Doc Spot for teaching it online. ~ Jonathan. S.
  • The Divine Tao...took me to a place i knew in my dreams, but was not yet awake to ... a place inside me that also showed me what the outside of me meant:
    A place of wisdom, courage, and intellligent use of knowledge. A place of balance, the yin the yang, the aerodynamics of the soul of being both human and divine, a place of good wine and roses. ~ James G.

Together, we can attain deeper insights and support a more balanced world.

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