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Tao is a concept of Divine Law. It is impersonal and stands in contrast to Abrahamic or Christlamic interpretations of an anthropomorphic God which imposes its will upon the Universe. The energy of Tao permeates all things, is all things and yet beyond all things. Tao/Great Spirit cannot be labeled or defined with words. Attempting to define God/Tao simply defines the definer. The concept that polarity arises out of unity and in turn leads to the manifestation of variety is a core concept of New Thought. The first poem of the Tao Te Ching underscores this concept the same way as Empedocles once wrote: "God has its center everywhere but its circumference nowhere." DivineUnity is achieved through the Heart-Mind, not through the Mind or Heart alone. In Affirmative Prayer Treatment, the steps of Recognition and Unification are feeling steps which lead the practitioner to the experience of DivineUnity which is followed by the traditional Trowardian three step treatment which completes the acceptance of the manifestation of the prayer for highest good. Another step which is essentially a feeling step is Thanksgiving, which is akin to Joyful Acceptance.

This poem supports the Divine Sciences in understanding that "Hence always rid yourself of desires in order to observe its secrets;
But always allow yourself to have desires in order to observe its manifestations." (Lau)

If one is freed from desire one has a sense of completeness. But if one has desires, then these desires give rise to manifestation, thus through the mastery of focus then one can define what one manifests. The spiritual journey is not simply one of becoming free of all desire, but rather desiring goodness for all beings which includes oneself. The first and most important key to the spiritual path is compassion.

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