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The great Chinese contribution to world religion and Spiritual insight is Taoism. In a nutshell, Taoism is made up of a number of concepts and practices which are called "The Way". The Tao Te Ching is considered the root text of Taoism but as Thomas Cleary's work demonstrates there are many more Taoist works as well. Tai Chi and Chi Gung are Taoist practices, yet Taoism includes basic principles or "theories" regarding the body, diet, breathing and physical exercises, uses of herbs, philosophical inquiry and, of course, meditation. The Taoist is in a constant process of transformation, knowing that balance is an ongoing process of coming into closer alignment with the "natural order"

What is Taoism? by Eva Wong

Two thousand and five hundred years ago, a Chinese sage taught a philosophy that would influence not only Chinese culture, but the Western world. His name was Lao Tzu (the Ancient One), and the philosophy was Taoism.

Today Tao has become a household word. However, to truly understand the teachings of Taoism and its meaning for our world and everyday life, we need to look at the philosophical and spiritual roots of Taoism and see how this spiritual tradition is practiced today. more

  I feel as if I am swimming in a digital sea, emerging from a cacophany of tragedy and finding myself reflected in the world dependent upon what I am thinking about.

Tao te Ching – The Nature of Polarity by Alan Watts
AT THE VERY ROOTS of Chinese thinking and feeling there lies the principle of polarity, which is not to be confused with the ideas of opposition or conflict. In the metaphors of other cultures, light is at war with darkness, life with death, good with evil, and the positive with the negative, and thus an idealism to cultivate the former and be rid of the latter flourishes throughout much of the world. more

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