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New Thought Ceremonies of Realization

Celebrate Coming of Age / supporting you and your teen in a time of Transition /

As we support our teens to be stronger, we create a more sacred world

Ceremony of Realization is similar to Quinceanara or Super 16

Similar in some respects to the Bar / Bat mitvah or the ceremony of confirmation. The Ceremony of Realization marks the beginning of a crucial year in the life of North Americans. This year culminates with the birthday upon which a young person can begin driving. This momentous step in a young person's life means he or she will be able to "take the wheel.;" New Thought ministers work with the teen and his or her family during this time of transition to provide rites of passage to support the path to wisdom. This ensure that when your teen "takes the wheel," he or she is equipped to be a great driver in the car and in life.

As spiritual leaders during the digital age, it is incumbent upon us to support young souls from becoming enmired in digital dysfunction. Throughout the world, we can see a rising need for many people to untether themselves from their digital collars. People are driving off the highway while texting, or spending inordinate amounts of playing games on the computer. We can provide the methods and means to support a young person to be aware of the natural rhythms in time and space becoming more observant and aware. Deeper awareness supports higher consciousness.

In particular ages 15 and 16 take on important significance within the Americas because at 16, many children can begin driving a car. The 15th birthday marks the end of Taxi Time with the 16th marking the possibility of taking up new responsibility which might include driving a car.

  • Mark this year with two celebrations, the 15th birthday (Quinceanara), then the 16th birthday (Super 16).
  • In New Thought, we know that you can train the mind but you cannot train the heart.
  • We teach the Ancient Wisdom that through proper mind training, you can travel the 13 inches from the head to the heart and using the proper Keys, your teen can achieve a higher level of mastery ensuring safe passage to adult hood.
  • Adolescents need be taught the importance of the Silence and Meditation. This could be the last chance to support your teen to blossom through wisdom teaching which is when we combine understanding with compassion for oneself and others.
  • We feel that this year offers the opportunity to support your teen to accept the end of childhood and the beginning of responsibility.
  • Two years past the age of sixteen, that person will be legally an adult.
  • Ceremony and ritual accompanied by Rites of Passage help to instill hope, and support youth to find their unique purpose adding meaning to their lives.
  • One year later the celebraton of Super 16 marks and essential transition in your teens life.
  • We understand the human need for marking these moments and remembering them with. We understand the importance of instilling deeper wisdom.

Recognize the significance of this time and help you to not only celebrate them but to use them to help your teen transition to adulthood with increased strength.

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