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Divine Tao is New Thought Web about the Tao Te Ching enabling us to transcend past patterns to awaken potential manifesting success which is joy
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Divine Tao

There are 37 Tao Poems and 44 Te Poems
New Thought Te 67 - explores the concepts within the Divine Tao: the three treasures, Phi, IO, co-creation, Fellowship, Spiritual Friends and the three baskets

Tao # 67 / Three Treasures ~ New Thought Tao Insights


This Tao explores of the deep teachings of trinity and the "three treasures" of Taoism. Beginning with a dedication about the nature of the Tao and the work, it is followed by an observation that the DivineTao is reaching people around the world and helping many people to discover the 'kingdom within'.

Then the Tao explores universal truths. In New Thought we focus on DivineUnity, that all things are united within one Universal Field. In our technology we utilize binary technology which is the use of 0's and 1's to describe reality. This technology may soon be eclipsed by the ternary processing system which uses positive, negative and neutral to facilitate calculation. This system enables faster calculations.

"Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive" a wonderful ditty scribed by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer is included. The song goes to the heart of New Thought teachings. This was a very popular song in its day. Arlen, of course, also composed what has become an American Music classic: "Over the Rainbow." Judy Garland popularized the song in the movie "The Wizard of Oz." A song that also shares some of the tenets of New Thought through both the movie lyrics and the missing lyrics that were not included in the movie version.

The 3rd eye is a mystic concept which refers to the area between the eyebrows that is a symbol of enlightenment. Those who awaken their consciousness through spiritual practice are able to see both that that is, that that underlies the appearance and the states between.

Then we explore the Maori teaching of the Three Baskets which are root New Thought teachings. The three baskets teach us that we learn first through the senses, then through the mind and finally we awaken to the truth of our DivineUnity.

Exploring the Three Treasures of Taoism which are: compassion, economy and humility, we are reminded of the importance for cultures to preserve their sacred heirlooms and the implication is to ensure the survival of our children. Attention is drawn to the perennial challenge faced by all generations that there are individuals who are corrupt and that we must show restraint which is also a Maori value that is encompassed in the concept of Noa.

We are asked to return to the root teaching of our DivineUnity. That we are one with Great Spirit and one with our global ecosphere. One Maori word for Great Spirit is IO. In Latin script the world IO also looks like 10 which one agan returns us to binary math. We are encouraged to celebrate the law of circulation through putting back positive energy into the systems that we are part of, in particular teaching New Thought to the world.

We are encouraged to practice and learn so that we can transform into a Spiritual Friend and in community and concord we can support others to awaken. The Divine Life Center is the meeting place of DivineUnity and outside the meeting place is always a source of water so that one may wash the hands when entering and leaving the place of celebration.

The Tiratana are the three jewels of Buddhism: the buddha, the dharma and the sangha. The buddha or "awakened one" is the nature of highest undertanding and truth of DivineUnity that is within every one of us; the dharma is the body of Spiritual Teachings that can enable us to awaken this nature within ourselves and the Sangha is our fellowship or community of wonderful caring and compassionate spiritual beings that support our journey.

Finally the conclusion of this Tao is that the greatest treasure is compassion and through compassion we awaken to our DivineUnity.

  • Why is the DivineTao important?
  • How does this Tao differ from other Taos?
  • What is cocreation?
  • Why is this such a powerful work to help people come to the light?
  • What are the three baskets?
  • What is a cornucopia?
  • What is IO?
  • What is Phi?
  • Why is Phi sacred?
  • Why is Fellowship important?
  • What is a Spiritual Friend?
  • Why is compassion the key?


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