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New Thought Te 80 - explores the concept of the I-deal nation versus the consumer nation

Tao # 80 / Power ~ New Thought Tao Insights


As we look about the world today, we can see a myriad of wonderful nations. Each country has its strengths and weaknesses.

The United Nations compiles statistics about Quality of Life around the world. "Quality of Life" or Q.O.L. is a new way of looking at the world. In the 20th Century, the understanding of Human Rights was explored through both the violation of these rights and through the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

All the way into the 20th Century it was the norm to work people to the point of physical exhaustion. There was no such thing as the "weekend' or the "40 hour week." These were created through the struggle of workers in industrializing nations.

The first world idea that Health is a Universal Human Right came to for after thousands of years in which only the wealthy could afford to see a doctor. Manufacturing broght an entire world of goods into the hands of more people around the world and liberated many people from the "daily grind".

In the 21st Century, we saw that great nations such as the United States slipped from the First World, where people come first, into the Second World, where people come second. The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that Humans in America are defined by how much money they have. The rest of the world looked on and realized that whereas the United States had been a world leader in the past, this wonderful nation was no longer fit to lead the world. The United States struggled after World War Two with issues that other nations had found solutions for that worked, but it seemed unable to even insure that its own populace would have proper health care. The economic and political elites enjoyed 100% health coverage, but average joe was left in the cold.

While the Chinese built high speed rails and new infrastructure and the Europeans began to realize that New York was a financial cesspool that would drag down the entire world community, the United States let go of their powerful economy and instead chose to be a military power going the way of the Greeks. History repeats itself and in this case it was a tragic fall but not without many warnings and admonitions first.

Nations looked on as the United States destroyed its water supply through fracking and its people through a commercialized diet. The nation did not prevent poisonous toys from coming in from China and their children paid the price.

Instead of great leadership, the Americans were led by a series of weaklings who stood in great contrast to their leaders of the past. The beginning of the 21st Century saw the election of a president whose tenure saw the U.S. economy cut by over 50%. The jobs were shipped overseas with the support of the congress with the idea that one day they would come back. They never did. Smaller countries around the world looked on and realized that there was something deeply wrong. America had lost its shine.

Once there was an "American Dream." This was given away to China. It was never a real dream anyway. Eventually it was simply the desire to win the lottery like the serfs longed for in 19th Century Russia.

The Ideal nation was created elsewhere in several countries around the world. Places where people remembered the ideals of America and applied those but let go of the nightmarish aspects of unbridled greed.

  • Why do the citizens of the "I-deal nation" avoid the pork and processed foods of the consumer nation?
  • Why don't the citizens of the "I-deal nation" spend time at their neighbors?
  • What does Goethe's statement: "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free," mean?


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