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Divine Tao
The New Thought Tao
Universal Principles

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Divine Te

The second half of the Tao Te Ching is comprised of the 44 "Te's"

These 44 "Te's" are:

  • New Thought Te 38 - explores true power, what is true power, where does true power come from?
  • New Thought Te 39 - explores the beauty of nature, what is truly valuable, the way of conscious action and thoughtfulness and Te Whiti
  • New Thought Te 40 - explores circles, the concept of the moebius strip, the understanding of nothing and being
  • New Thought Te 41 - explores the wisdom way, why wise souls tranform in the face of truth, the challenges of higher wisdom
  • New Thought Te 42 - explores evolution and the mathematics of the fibonacci, the importance of giving
  • New Thought Te 43 - explores how the way of softness is the ultimate power and how to teach without words
  • New Thought Te 44 - explores the game of life, the importance of intention
  • New Thought Te 45 - explores the importance of standards, and how we must both understand them and not be fooled by them
  • New Thought Te 46 - explores materialism and how it is a double edged sword
  • New Thought Te 47 - explores the importance of keeping a clear head and opening the heart to compassionate action while getting to know yourself
  • New Thought Te 48 - explores the importance of self mastery, letting go of past patterns and blockages.
  • New Thought Te 49 - explores the importance of compassion, keeping an open mind, avoiding favoritism and being one with Divine Mind
  • New Thought Te 50 - explores the concept of actuaries, the dangers of over analyzing, the importance of affirmative prayer and living within DivineUnity
  • New Thought Te 51 - explores nature versus nurture, DivineUnity and the importance of creating without possessing
  • New Thought Te 52 - explores fractals and the science of optics, how truth sets us free and how everything is ultimately energy or light
  • New Thought Te 53 - explores the importance of integrity, noblesse oblige and the social contract
  • New Thought Te 54 - explores cultivation of compassion, higher qualities and nurturing these in others
  • New Thought Te 55 - explores how a person in DivineUnity is protected through harmonious interaction and the compression and decompression of time
  • New Thought Te 56 - explores the primal identity, the importance of defining character through action and being true to oneself and the way
  • New Thought Te 57 - explores the law, complexity versus simplicity, the dangers of draconian law, the importance of fair laws and fair enforcement
  • New Thought Te 58 - explores good governance contrasting bad leadership with good leadership and the importance of leading by example
  • New Thought Te 59 - explores the importance of nurturing and moderation in all things
  • New Thought Te 60 - explores the concept of resistance through the proper way of cooking a fish
  • New Thought Te 61 - explores geo-politics, the importance of strength through attraction, sharing and being noble
  • New Thought Te 62 - explores the oneness of life, the importance of compassion, forgiveness and understanding prophecy
  • New Thought Te 63 - explores the importance of nature over the extraction of minerals for wealth, the legacy of Te Whiti and the four noble truths
  • New Thought Te 64 - explores the nature of consciousness, quantum physics, the power of partnership and co-creation as opposed to domination
  • New Thought Te 65 - explores the importance of education, the importance of submission to weak leaders and weak paths, tapu, noa, rangi, papa, and Pachamama
  • New Thought Te 66 - explores the nature of the flow of energy, the importance of caring and acceptance
  • New Thought Te 67 - explores the concepts within the Divine Tao: the three treasures, Phi, IO, co-creation, Fellowship, Spiritual Friends and the three baskets
  • New Thought Te 68 - explores the importance of non-aggression, non-violence, civil disobedience
  • New Thought Te 69 - explores the nature of strategy and problems of war
  • New Thought Te 70 - explores the importance of practice and intelligent compassion, the rareness of enlightened beings, the problems of slavery today
  • New Thought Te 71 - explores knowledge, the concept of the empty bowl, the dangers of being a slave to science, the rules of robotics, the difference between blind faith and a spiritual path
  • New Thought Te 72 - explores the importance of awe and wonder, the right of privacy, the concepts of the three worlds, and not taking oneself seriously
  • New Thought Te 73 - explores the Tao of Courage, the importance of consideration and why one should not push for outcomes
  • New Thought Te 74 - explores the nature of strategy and problems of war
  • New Thought Te 75 - explores the challenges of the death penalty and the value of human life
  • New Thought Te 76 - explores the importance of flexibility and intelligence
  • New Thought Te 77 - explores the nature of strategy and problems of war
  • New Thought Te 78 - explores the power of co-creation, cooperation and compassion
  • New Thought Te 79 - explores the importance of letting go of grudges and blame
  • New Thought Te 80 - explores the concept of the I-deal nation versus the consumer nation
  • New Thought Te 81 - explores the concept of unlimited supply and news versus infotainment

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